MbI provides its services in R & TD + i, research of partners in conception and realization of initiatives of sustainable development anywhere in the world where need is to public institutions, companies and NGO.

Thus, we participate and apply for local, European and international joint R&TD projects worldwide, i.e., 7FP, Eco Innovation, Horizon 2020, and EU Water Facility programs as coordinator or collaborating partner within international consortia.

Full impacts studies and environmental monitoring and remediation are within the objectives of MbI.  

One of the biggest and most ambitious projects in the field of Environmental Remediation is the Regeneration of Lakes, where the projected case of the regeneration of the RETBA Lake of Senegal, Bambylor, under the proposed program HOMAN “Save lake RETBA” is really worthy of special attention: 

HOMAN _MBI-THG_ Save Lake Retba_JUN2011_fr.pdf.

 One positively impacting aspect of this project is that all the energies used are renewable and issued: 

-  From the Solid Wastes Integral Treatment of the Capital Town, Dakar, and the neighbour cities;

-  From Fresnel-law-based solar irradiation (partnership).  

Both technologies have zero negative impacts, are ecologically friendly and generate plus value:

-  MbI’s Solid Wastes Integral Treatment is a “Waste-to-Health”, “Waste-to-Wealth”, “Waste-to-Welfare” and “Waste-to-Money” vision that provides cleaner cities’ situation, new prime matters from recycling, energies and full work places;

-  Fresnel-law-based solar irradiation provides heat, electricity, climate conditioning, and, complementarily to MbI water treatment, clean drinking water, including mineral bottle water. 


Our credo is to provide residues-free integral wastes recycling technological solutions, in a manner to create circular economy. 

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