Owner of the innovative patented technology called ECOSTRIP®, eco-friendly technology that makes an important contribution to environmental protection, in particular with regard to the waste crisis [ECOSTRIP_EnWeb_IMPLEMENTING.pdf].   
It represents one of the rare cases of complete recycling of materials, with full re-use in the same area of origin. 

The process involves the integral recycling of the waste in the process of chrome plating of plastic objects and the chrome abandoned objects, such as those from car wrecks.    
Easy to apply and with low investment and operating costs, the technology is optimal and offers fully attractive economic returns.

Full recycling plants

Full processing and recycling treatments of Municipal, Industrial and Hospital Waste (MSW and ISW) to 95% of reuse/recyclinginthe form of new raw materials and transformation into electric energy for feeding cities and industries. The remaining 5% is reusable in road construction.

Full 100% Eco technology dealing with urban, industrial, hospital and other wastes derived from construction and annex human activities. MbI Green Consortium finances the units.

The integral waste treatment turnkey plants are available for direct operation within a period of less than twenty three months. 

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